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I cannot yield until I YIELD.

Cedo Maior
Latin, "I yield to One greater"

a: To give up one's place, as to one that [who] is superior
b: To produce a return for effort or investment

It has become unequivocally evident in my life that the only empowerment of self is the result of first having yielded to One greater. As this becomes my mantra, perhaps even the metaphorical ribbon tied around my self-righteous finger, I begin to understand that I am nothing. My thoughts? Infantile. My ambitions? Desultory. My actions? Trivial. My very life? A vapor in the wind. Obviously, God isn't interested in stroking our egos.

It is not until I relinquish my pride that my life becomes useful toward the mission to which I have been called: to YIELD--to produce a return on the investment made in me. In retrospect, the times when God has moved most in and through me were times when I was sensitive to the separation of self and spirit, allowing my spirit to lead where my flesh might otherwise have prevailed...becau…