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"Epidemic" comes from the Greek words "epi" and "demos" meaning "upon people".

A Pandemic is, basically, a really big epidemic.

I was having a relatively benign conversation with a group of people recently, and though the content was nothing intriguing, one participant seemed to use the word "potentially" a lot. Almost obnoxiously. Like he had just learned it or something.

With all the flu publicity circulating (to vaccinate, or not to vaccinate?) I've been thinking about the 'p' word a lot. The flu has the potential to kill us all. It could even become an epidemic.

The God context:
What if God's church [WE ARE THE CHURCH, FYI] became infectious? What if, instead of being groups of "good" people who meet in pretty churches, we created a torrent of God-exposure by re-examining our traditional ministries and inventing a whole new method of witnessing? Becoming dynamic people, strategically placing ourselves in situ…