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I'll have a nutritious meal with a side of perspective, please

For dinner tonight, I had a chicken and vegetable stir-fry composed of a variety of vegetables, lean chicken breast, and noodles. It was tasty, filling, and nutritious.

I know this isn't a food blog, but hear me out.

In my efforts to save some cash, I decided to "scrounge" for some food at home instead of hitting a restaurant (or, god forbid, a drive-thru) on my way home from school. And, I'm glad I did, because my journey through the cabinets left me with a fresh and challenging perspective.

I live with roommates, so sometimes it's tough to keep track of whose food is whose. Tonight I made a list of everything in the kitchen that belongs to me, and I was blown. away. I compiled a massive list of foods just sitting and waiting to be eaten...many of which I had forgotten I ever purchased, some of which had given up the fight and become host to various cultures of mold. The point is, I thought I had "nothing to eat" at home, and am now forced to adjust my perception of "nothing".

I walk into my closet (which is half the size of entire homes in some countries) and I am surrounded by clothing of dozens of types of fabric, shoes for any weather, and more accessories than I care to admit...but I have "nothing" to wear.

I own countless forms of electronic entertainment, a dog who never runs out of energy, I live in a safe neighborhood and am physically capable of movement, but I have "nothing" to do.


How often do we overlook the abundance of blessings in our lives? It is hauntingly easy to ignore the ease with which we can feed ourselves in any manner we choose, according to any philosophy we identify with. How incredible that we are so fortunate that we can ask our selves what we want to eat, rather than if there is anything available to eat. Want to exist on vacuum packed convenience store food? Okay. Want to be a vegetarian or a vegan? Go for it. Want to cook all your meals in the kitchen of your home? Fine. The reality is, you aren't going to die of starvation...unlike the 36 million who did last year.

You go out to eat, and don't like what you get? Send it back and they'll throw it away for you. You're full? Take home leftovers to jam into your already-at-capacity fridge. Want to make sure you've got lunch covered tomorrow? Order some more to go.

The FAO reports that the world already produces enough food to sustain double the amount of people on this planet, but an estimated 923 million people remain malnourished. While this is a 20% decrease from world hunger in 1970, doesn't it still seem like too much?

Start by examining your concept of nothing.
Then, do something.


jared said…
Good words Beck! I'm also lovin' for the Christmas season.
Hope your whole holiday season is awesome!

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